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Naturally Grown Fresh Vegetables

Invest in the full taste of real, nutrient-rich produce grown on our constantly improving soils. Heirloom vegetable varieties grown without chemicals are naturally better. Genetically modified (GMO) foods may appear high in certain nutrients, but usually lack the full comlement of trace minerals and phytonutrients.

Growing Methods
We believe it is best to interfere as little as possible with the natural ecology. We use compost for fertilizer, along with a small amounts of rock powders to ensure a balance of soil minerals. Instead of plastic mulch, we use organic mulches such as bark and wood chips and hay to retain moisture and supress weeds. Because we do not want to rely on constant irrigation, we grow on raised beds to provide drainage in wet seasons and to retain moisture in mid-summer. If we do till, it is  only minimally - for example, to break up sod, or to grow a cover crop on a larger area.

Bountywoods Farm follows organic growing methods and our land receives no chemical insecticides and fungicides.  Even "organic" products are sometimes found to be harmful, so we try to avoid them as well. We occasionally share some of your vegetables with the insects, but we try to use physical methods to send them elsewhere! We do use some row cover fabric on certain crops at critical times of high insect pressure. 

Our Products

  • Lettuce -  romaine and leaf types  -   from June through September
  • Mesclun mixed salad greens -              from June through October
  • Peas -  shell, snap and snow types -   from June  -  July
  • Beans -  green and wax -                         from July through September
  • Swiss Chard -                                                from June to October
  • Kale -                                                                 from June to October
  • Carrots -                                                          from July through October
  • Radishes -                                                       from June through October
  • Heirloom Tomatoes -                                August  -  September
  • Green Onions -                                            from June to October
  • Spinach -                                                          from June to October
  • Zucchini and Scallop summer squash -   July through September
  • Beets and beet greens-                           from late June through October
  • Sweet potatoes -                                        September - winter
  • and many more....
For lots of canning tips and recipes visit this site.   http://pickyourown.org/allaboutcanning.htm

See Bountywoods Farm at Halifax Forum Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.
Located at Windsor Street and Almon Street.