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Virgin Coconut Oil

The only product not produced on our farm! 

We are not growing coconuts yet! But we do use and promote coconut oil as a healthy fat for using at higher temperatures, as well as for its remarkable general health benefits.

Our virgin coconut oil is certified organic when we buy it, but since we are not a certified organic packing facility, this is not on the label.

We use all glass jars with metal lids, to avoid the fatty acids leaching the plastic.  

We sell  coconut oil in 500ml, 1litrand 2litre jars.  Contact us  about bulk quantities.
​Virgin Coconut Oil​  
from the Philippines
  • 500 mL  jar  $11.00
  • 1 Litre  jar    $18.00
  • 2 Litre jar     $31.00

See Bountywoods Farm at Halifax Forum Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.
Located at Windsor Street and Almon Street.