Cackellac 1312
Raising Poultry
Model 812
Buy a Cackellac 812 mobile poultry shelter today
for only $1295.00
and experience the easier way
to manage poultry on pasture!
  • Measures 8 ft. x 10 ft. x 4 ft. high.
  • Can house about 30 to 40 chickens, depending on their size.
  • It has two lifting wheels to make it easy for one person to move.
  • Cover is a heavy 6.7 oz woven white 100% polyethylene tarp with 10 x 10 weave; Canadian made from highest quality Canadian material.
  • Nylon straps with ratchets and buckles to securely fasten cover.
  • All hot dip galvanized frame for many years of service.
  • 1x1 inch 14 gauge welded wire mesh on the sides and ends, to keep out most predators.
  • Hooks for hanging feeders and waterers.
  • Tread-in anchors. 


   Options for Model 812
Roll-out Nests, Model 271    $288.00
Jumbo poultry feeder $44.00 
  • Feeder hanging kit $6.95
Roost kit  $76.00
Hanging upper deck $49.00
Miller automatic hanging water fountain assembly $68.00
SideClosure kit  $160.00
Clear woven poly cover to allow the Cackellac to double as a greenhouse!!  11 mil woven poly,   $136.00