About Us
Marvin and Amanda Weber have been married since 1997, and are the parents of 8 healthy, wonderful children. 
 Left to right, back row: Jesse, age: 13, Selema, age: 18,  Rebecca, age: 17,  Judith, age: 15  Caleb, age:11     
Centre:  Amanda, age: 42Adoniram, age: 2,  Marvin, age :42 
Front: Jonathan, age:8Daniel, age: 6  
Hello from the Weber family!
We moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario, in the fall of 2015. We have been involved in natural and organic food production for about 20 years. When we had the opportunity to buy a farm in Nova Scotia, we took the chance, with the intention of developing a sustainable food producing plot to support our family, and to provide nutritious food for those that are not able to produce their own. 
Our farming methods have been influenced by permaculture and organic farming, as well as Holistic Resource Management. However, none of these systems is our main guide - we simply want to make a living as good stewards, with the direction of God's word, the Bible.